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How we Operate

With our state-of-the-art marketing and communication platform, you can make, build, and record a custom voicemail, IVR, and SMS marketing campaign in less time than it takes to get dressed in the morning. You can send it to everyone on your list of customers or prospects who have asked to receive it. Know that your campaign will reach a lot of people and that the process will go smoothly.



Some of the highest conversion rates in the industry are being attained by our lead generating and conversion technologies. Whether you run a small to medium-sized business or an outgoing call center, our platform can help you save the cost of leads and boost conversion rates.


Our service is quite affordable and also yields exceptional outcomes. You may create campaigns and send messages to contacts and customers while staying within your budget for just a few bucks per day. We are here to assist you achieve your goals, whether the deliveries are big or small.


Our platform for SMS, IVR broadcasting, and ringless voicemail is incredibly simple to use and learn. You can send and route missed calls and voicemails to two distinct places using our cutting-edge call automation system, which leverages a unique RVM software. You can send up to 3 million voicemails every day by just uploading your list.


Leaving a fantastic, valuable voicemail has the benefit of constantly demanding a response. Just as crucial as carrying out your campaign is setting it up and administering it according to the right strategy. You can anticipate significant changes in your CPL or CPA if you have a high delivery rate and a strong voicemail script. For the purpose of generating leads, you can dynamically route incoming calls and build an infinite number of IVR paths. To keep your agents busy, ringless voicemail software can significantly improve your incoming call flow.

drop sandwich has multiple servers for redundancy
drop sandwich can also scale any size group or company in the cloud

See why our Ringless Voicemail Platform is the best in the industry.

Both IOS and Android Compatible

Works with Land and Mobile Phones

Dynamically route incoming calls, build a limitless number of IVR pathways, and record personalized greetings that may be changed at any time. Calls can be forwarded to SIP endpoints or various PTSNs, and delivery can be set up according to the time of day. In order to assure maximum deliverability, we even shuffle caller IDs. The secret to your success is in managing and fine-tuning your campaigns.

SMS Marketing

Send text messages to your clients and prospects that feature spinning dialogue and clickable links. Gain access to a "FREE Drive" and "TEST" our platform. To experience the simplicity and usefulness of our program, sign up and run a test with a few of your clients. It's very simple to upload recordings, create campaigns, and send messages inside the site. Some of the key advantages of our technology are auto rotation, link click, and deliverability tracking.

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Cloud Based User Interface

Why Drop Sandwich?

Drop Sandwich is an experienced player in the Ringless Voicemail, IVR Broadcasting, and SMS Messaging space thanks to our cutting-edge data centers and Tier-1 Telecommunication providers on the back end. Any size call center or business may send messages directly to their current and potential customers using our user-friendly and reliable platform. Along with RVM, we also give our clients access to a powerful SMS marketing tool. As a result, they are able to send out special offers that may boost engagement and reduce their cost per acquisition.

You can stay ahead of the competition and keep your clients informed about your goods and services by integrating the Drop Sandwich SMS, IVR, and ringless voicemail marketing platform into your call center or business. Your success rate is likely to increase thanks to our affordable prices, user-friendly interface, and extensive feature set. To get started, all you need to do is create an account, set up a free trial, or give us a call.

What is Ringless Voicemail?

One of the best tools for marketing and audience communication is ringless voicemail. The degree of audience engagement and the quantity of successful sales conversions are significantly improving for the businesses that have used it. How does it function?

RVM, or Ringless Voicemail, is a relatively new invention with a straightforward idea. You select the frequency and volume of drops you wish to distribute after uploading your list of opted-in consumer leads. The optimal time to send is typically between 4 and 6 o’clock in the prospects’ time zone, and the actual recording should be no longer than 25 seconds to get straight to the offer’s point. A second voicemail containing a reference to the first one and an irresistible offer should be sent the next day.

Without ever having to make their phone ring, our conventional voicemail system enables one-on-one interaction with the audience.

Two calls are placed simultaneously to the same phone number, one of which the recipient instantly misses while the other leaves the recipient with a message of your choice on their voicemail.

Because the system tells you which consumers are going cold (calling back to the caller-ID number on their phone) vs higher priority responses that are aware of why you reached out based on your enticing offer, you can route responses more skillfully.


Forward Incoming Calls to any Device

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

IVR is a tried-and-true platform that automates outreach and lead qualification efforts by essentially acting as an outbound or inbound prerecorded message. The caller is guided through a customized call tree if they pick up the phone. The call tree can be as straightforward as “Your business may be prequalified for a $500,000 Line of credit- Please press 1 now to speak to a representative,” or it can be multi-tiered with additional questions and prompts to further filter the caller. When the prospect pushes 1, our algorithm assesses whether it reaches voicemail or a customer and can either leave a recorded message or transfer the caller to an agent. The customer can choose to be added to a do-not-call list. It can rotate outgoing caller IDs to assist assure deliverability, just like ringless voice mail.


Multi-tiered with prompts

United States, Canada, Europe and Australia Delivery

Ringless Voicemail Delivery

Drop Sandwich is an international messaging network that allows you to send messages to the USA, Canada, and some regions of Europe and Australia.


SMS (Text) Marketing

Texting strategies have been used for years by numerous firms all around the world. You can go beyond the 160-character restriction with Drop Sandwich. For the purpose of enhancing your campaigns, we also enable MMS messaging in addition to the conventional SMS marketing messages.


USA, Canada and International Texting Programs

Features and Benefits of Drop Sandwich

All the tools and integrations you need for successful SMS, IVR and RVM campaigns.

Traditional Voicemail Drop

You can send messages straight to mobile and landline phones using the standard voicemail drop feature. These messages typically appear as a missed call and voicemail on the recipient’s end. All of this is accomplished without ever having to speak to the contact on the phone. Instead, it uses basic telephony signaling protocols that notify the contact that they have voicemail waiting for them using the carrier’s own voicemail systems. When using classic voicemail drop, you have the option of creating your own caller ID, which enables recipients of your message to phone or text you in response. This form of marketing and communication serves as the foundation for the entire sales process for a lot of our clients.


Easily Upload Professional MP3's

For usage in voicemail drop and ringless message marketing campaigns, you can record and publish proficient MP3 recordings using our software. It’s as simple as uploading to your client interface to accomplish this. You can even give us a call and record your very own voice blast using our call in service if you don’t already have your own MP3 or WAV file prepared to use. This will allow you as much time as necessary to express what you need to say.


Record inside your portal or upload Mp3

United States & Canada Delivery

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Drop Sandwich provides you with real-time live data for each ringless voicemail sent, allowing you to understand exactly how your campaigns are performing. You can access real-time information about when a message was delivered, the carrier that was utilized, or the reason a delivery failed!


Schedule Messages

You may easily plan messages with Drop Sandwich for a particular time or day. Ringless voicemail and SMS marketing campaigns can use this service. Launch whenever it is most convenient for you!


Drip Delivery

We make it possible for you to create a drip rate, which is easily adjustable depending on how many calls or texts your agents are dealing with at any given moment.



The call center or lead generator was kept in mind when Drop Sandwich was developed and constructed. We make it simple to access our platform because we are aware that you could want to work remotely or need access at any time from anywhere in the world. Our cloud-based services give you the flexibility to build and monitor campaigns from any location.


Global Access

Thousands of API Integrations

Integrate Drop Sandwich with all of Your Favorite Apps

a world map image showing the GEO service area that drop sandwich works in

Mobile and Landline Delivery

Mobile and Landline Delivery

With Drop Sandwich, you can send customized messages to mobile devices and landlines provided by carriers rather than a traditional answering machines.

Record Your Own Message

For you or your clients, create high-quality recordings using cutting-edge speech-to-text technology. Adapt recordings on the fly by changing values based on the state or the date. For the highest response rate, upload a gripping 25-second digital MP3 recording.

Retry Failed Numbers

Retrying numbers that did not receive your message is simple using our platform. Even while your message may not always be delivered due to busy phone networks or prospect/client mails being full, a high deliverability rate doesn't mean the call is over: With Drop Sandwich, you can finish the campaign by resending your voicemail at a later time.

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No More Pay-Per-Drop

Tired of paying a fee for each RVM drop you make? Switch to Drop Sandwich and you’ll only have to pay one flat fee. Subscribe to your preferred plan and you can send unlimited messages to any GEO location you want across the world!

Local Presence - Privacy

We know how important your privacy can be, which is why we offer local presence numbers. If you purchase one it ensures that your personal number is never shown. Our local presence numbers can be used anywhere in the world that our service is available.


Want to look more professional? Use one of our toll-free numbers and your customers will feel more comfortable getting in touch with you. We also offer vanity numbers, 800, 877, 888, 855, 866, 833 and 844 numbers as well.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Set up and IVR system to field and redirect all inbound calls and route contacts to the right number. This can save time and money and ensure that potential prospects and clients get the best possible customer service.

Call and SMS Forwarding

Drop Sandwich allows you to redirect incoming calls and texts to any mobile and landline device.

SMS Auto Responder

Respond to incoming texts automatically with our auto text reply feature . It uses keyword analysis to ensure the best possible responses, pointing your clients in the right direction.

Load tons of Data

Unlimited Contact Upload

Upload an unlimited number of prospect or client records, save them on our system and use them again in your text message and ringless voicemail campaigns.

SMS Marketing Blast

Once you’re up and running, all you have to do is input your marketing message and press a button to send it out because you can easily construct marketing campaigns, upload, and save contacts.   


link to a picture

Tiny Links

Long URLs take up space, and they can be pretty annoying.  Whether you’re sending downloads, video links or apps, Drop Sandwich makes it easy to manage your campaigns.


best mms and voicemail drops with prospect looking at apple iphone

MMS and Conversational Threads

MMS Messaging

Want to send something more engaging and visual? Eliminate the 160 character limit with our custom MMS service.

Conversational Threads

Our conversational threads make it easy to communicate with individual prospects on a one- to-one basis. Customer service agents, and lead generation companies love us.

Track Links

With our link tracking software, you can monitor and analyze just how often your links are clicked, giving you real time analytics into just how well your campaign are performing.


Use our open API to access to all the features of our state-of-the-art platform to make your campaigns and management easier.

Why is Drop Sandwich ahead of the Competition?

Any type of business that wishes to communicate with its customers and potential customers can utilize our True Ringless Voicemail, IVR, and SMS services. Voicemail sandwiches are less expensive than standard voicemail drops and can be more productive than cold calling.

You must get in touch with us right away to schedule a test if you are a call center for a FOREX, Debt Settlement, Debt Collection, Tax Relief, Travel, Timeshare, Medicaid, Auto Warranty, MLM, Final Expense, or Attorney business.

Send us an email at if you’re wanting to implement or improve voicemail marketing for your company and would like a demonstration or additional information.

We have assisted numerous businesses across a wide range of industries achieve their marketing objectives.


Common Questions About Drop Sandwich

If you have other questions, please contact us.

What is the Drop Sandwich Voicemail?

Drop Sandwich is a leading provider of unlimited ringless voicemail, IVR Broadcasting and SMS technology. Our platform allows users to send voicemails, IVR and SMS messages to the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

How much does Drop Sandwich Cost?

We have several plans to choose from-Send to unlimited contacts per month at a fixed monthly price or have an unlimited based plan with no sending limit.

Do you offer Texting?

Yes. In addition to ringless voicemail, we offer bulk texting services.

Is there a Contract?

No, we are a monthly recurring subscription service as well as a pay to play that may be cancelled anytime.

How do I Cancel?

Email us at to cancel anytime.

How quickly can I get set up?

Sign up and access your system immediately or e- mail us to assist you at

The total number of messages that you may send on our unlimited plans is determined by your plan’s maximum delivery speed and limited to TCPA hours of 8am – 9pm. Registration for 10DLC is required to send SMS and carriers may impose additional sending limits on your SMS campaigns based on your use case.

Drop Sandwich is a responsible California corporation. Our customers are required by our Terms of Use to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you received an unwanted voicemail from one of our customers, please report it to- 

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